Love is unconditional

Love with conditions is bull$h!t

There is ONLY ONE FORM OF LOVE, the unconditional one. Cut my arms, take all my money, beat me up black and blue and I still love you. That is what love is –  completely unselfish, understanding, beyond stupidity. Anything below that is bull$h!t. There is no other kind of Love.

Love doesn’t fu**in’ end even if the other person doesn’t return the favor. The term ‘i’ve fallen out of love’ or ‘i don’t love you anymore’  is a complete contradiction and utter $h!t. If you stopped loving someone, you never loved that person at all. Love is forever, no ifs no buts. You love someone once, you love that person forever, even if it is painful, even if it sounds stupid.

When people think and/or say they love someone, do they really know what they are saying? Or is it another kind of feeling that they simply call love?

I think it is not love – I don’t know it is but it’s not love and I can only hope for people to not adjust the meaning of love just to make themselves feel better. No one is capable of loving someone else — except maybe a parent to their children. I know I can’t.

God did. God actually created us, gave us a beautiful world, gave us a beautiful life. Then we fu**ed him up. Then he retaliated by giving us His son to die for us. Sh!t. No way will I do that. I can’t imagine someone beating me up and still loving them after that. I honestly don’t think anyone is capable of that.

Someone throws their shit at anyone, all bets are off.


About Xath Cruz

Pilipino ako at ipinagmamalaki ko 'yun. Hindi ko kailangang ng malalim na dahilan. Sapat ng pinanganak ako sa Pilipinas at Pilipino ang magulang ko. Writer ako ng pelikulang Pilipino, ng TV shows, ng commercials. Artist ako pero hindi ako magaling kaya para sa sarili ko lang ang art ko. Anak ako ng nanay at tatay ko. Tita ako ng makukulit na pamangkin. Mahal ko sila. Hanggang ngayon, sinusubukan ko pa ring mag proud sa aking ang Diyos. subok lang, subok. Estudyante ako ng buhay. Basta walang basagan ng trip!
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