Being Outspoken and Eavesdropping

Honesty is cool. Everyone should be honest all the time. When you are asked a question, tell the truth regardless if the answer seem harsh or painful. You were asked a question, the assumptions is that they want to hear the truth.

If you speak your mind when you are not being asked for it and you take the liberty of giving your opinion, that’s arrogance.

Now, if you are talking to someone and another person overhears it and gets offended, that is not your problem. He was eavesdropping.

So for all of you who do not agree with what I am writing here, i have a proposition, don’t read it. Jeez.

About Xath Cruz

Pilipino ako at ipinagmamalaki ko 'yun. Hindi ko kailangang ng malalim na dahilan. Sapat ng pinanganak ako sa Pilipinas at Pilipino ang magulang ko. Writer ako ng pelikulang Pilipino, ng TV shows, ng commercials. Artist ako pero hindi ako magaling kaya para sa sarili ko lang ang art ko. Anak ako ng nanay at tatay ko. Tita ako ng makukulit na pamangkin. Mahal ko sila. Hanggang ngayon, sinusubukan ko pa ring mag proud sa aking ang Diyos. subok lang, subok. Estudyante ako ng buhay. Basta walang basagan ng trip!
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