Why Is Depression So Attractive?

There are some people who are just drawn into depression, sadness, and misery. I am not sure if their “load” is any heavier than others but they sure make it appear like so. There are some who are more open about and some who play it mysterious.

Is it their way of attracting attention to themselves? Like their vulnerability will win them some sympathy and get some people to look after them. Are they simply emotionally weak? Others suffer worse things but theirs are always more fatal. Do they really deserve to be sad? Their misery, objectively, is worse than everyone else is.

The Classic Damsel in Distress Drama

The Classic Damsel in Distress Drama

I want to love them and be their friend but being around them just brings me down. I don’t need that kind of downer in my life.

I can never let anyone in my world but I am not a miserable person. Why shouldn’t I be? I will have to carry the load of misery and not someone else and I don’t particularly like that kind of a sweat. If someone else can be miserable for me, I’ll consider.

I am always fascinated with life. I don’t wake up in the morning not wanting to get through the whole day. I always look forward to that what is to come, whatever that is. Sure, some days are better than the others but hey, I get what everyone else gets, I get a lifetime. I don’t think someone is special enough two get two of that.


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Pilipino ako at ipinagmamalaki ko 'yun. Hindi ko kailangang ng malalim na dahilan. Sapat ng pinanganak ako sa Pilipinas at Pilipino ang magulang ko. Writer ako ng pelikulang Pilipino, ng TV shows, ng commercials. Artist ako pero hindi ako magaling kaya para sa sarili ko lang ang art ko. Anak ako ng nanay at tatay ko. Tita ako ng makukulit na pamangkin. Mahal ko sila. Hanggang ngayon, sinusubukan ko pa ring mag proud sa aking ang Diyos. subok lang, subok. Estudyante ako ng buhay. Basta walang basagan ng trip!
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